Our Curriculum Aims

  • The curriculum will encourage all pupils to understand, be interested in and show respect to others, whilst also developing their own self esteem.
  • The curriculum will enable pupils to become literate and numerate, having confidence when communicating, working with and responding to others.
  • The curriculum will enable pupils to develop analytical problem solving skills.
  • The curriculum will develop independence in our pupils enabling them to make healthy, safe life choices for themselves and others.

At Manifold Church of England  Academy we have developed our teaching and learning based on the Learning Challenge Curriculum. We work carefully together to encompass the National, Local, Global and School curriculum into our own Learning Challenge Curriculum. Our Curriculum is central to teaching and learning at Manifold. It is constantly under review and evaluation and is kept fresh by the contributions made by learners.

We teach the School Curriculum over a 2 year cycle which ensures that all pupils will cover all aspects of the National Curriculum. For details of individual class Long Term Plans during Cycle A (2016-17) and Cycle B (2017-18) please see below.

What is the Difference between the National Curriculum and the Learning Challenge Curriculum?

The National Curriculum outlines the essentials that every child must learn, for example it outlines that children must learn to read but does not determine which texts they should read, it outlines which scientific processes and concepts children need to know but not the context in which they must learn them. It outlines the main geographic and historical principles and key events that need to be taught but does not determine how children should learn them. The National Curriculum is only one part of the much broader curriculum children should experience at school, it should not be all that children learn.

What is the learning Challenge Curriculum?

It is a curriculum which starts with the learner. Teachers find out from pupils what it is they are interested in and want to find out about. They then weave the essential elements of learning into that framework. We believe all learning starts with a BIG question and from that other questions, or subsidiary questions arise, at various points along the way. Each half term pupils' work with teachers to plan their own BIG question and subsidiary questions based on their Learning Challenge. This ensures pupils are motivated and well engaged because they are learning about things that interest and excite them. Learning Challenges are underpinned by a secure framework which weaves together the critical elements of teaching, learning and assessment to ensure pupils make good progress.

If you have any questions regarding the content of the curriculum for your child, please speak to the class teacher.