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Isobel pretending to be Phillippe on his tight-rope
Isobel pretending to be Phillippe on his tight-rope
More careful excavations!
More careful excavations!
Grace digging for Ancient Egyptian plate.
Grace digging for Ancient Egyptian plate.

Class Blog

September 25th 2019

Well! We have been busy- we've been archaeologists searching for lost Ancient Egyptian artifacts in the sand pit.

We've been searching the grounds for different grasses then drawing and trying to identify them. (Come and look at our grasses collage in the Reflection room, and our class display in the corridor)

We've been making shadows in science: investigating what happens to a shadow when you move the object- great fun.

Year 3 & 4 Class Newsletter

Welcome back from Mrs. Lowe, Mrs.Smith and Mrs.Harris. We hope you've all had a lovely summer.We're all delighted to be back and are looking forward to a great year.

To start with we'll be looking at the book:' The man who walked the twin towers' and using this as a basis for our literacy. A copy is online if you'd like to look at it at home. We'll also be having a go at tightrope walking...only joking!

Then we'll be moving onto all things Egyptian, using 'The Egyptian Cinderella' as our text. We could do with some shoe boxes for pyramid building please.

In Science we'll be chasing our shadows and using a book about being afraid of the dark.

Maths sees us having a go at Roman numerals and then moving onto place value and ordering numbers.

Each child has a new reading book and new combined home/school record book ( one less thing to remember...or forget!)

If you happen to have a bean bag or a floor cushion going spare for our reading corner we'd be very grateful.

Thank you. Mrs Lowe x