Manifold Church of England Academy

Flexi schooling

Deciding to home educate your child is a big commitment, and not one that suits every family. But it needn’t be a straight choice between home educating or sending your child to school. Flexi-schooling – where a child attends school for part of the week, and learns at home for the rest of it – is an ideal compromise for some families, and becoming increasingly popular. We are proud to offer this arrangement at Manifold Church of England Academy. 

Flexi-schooling is legal in the UK but it isn’t an automatic right, unlike full-time home education. Pupils attending on a flexi basis attend our setting for a minimum of three core days (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). If agreed, an official flexi-schooling arrangement will be set up, however, it is important to note that your child will be marked absent on the register for the days they don’t attend (using code C - authorised absence). Your child will be required to follow the national curriculum whilst at school, but you don’t have to follow it at home during your flexi days. However, it is important that you consider the practicalities of the arrangement in terms of ensuring your child isn't doubling up on some work while missing out on other topics. If flexischooling is something you are interested in, please speak to Mrs Ackers.

Secretary of State for Education – Rt Hon Justine Greening MP (Sept 2017) – Statement
The Department for Education and the Secretary of State for Education (Justine Greening) have applied the their opinion to how they view Flexi-schooling and parental responsibility;
‘Flexi-schooling is a term used for an arrangement whereby a child is partly educated at school and partly home educated. ‘The Department’s view is if parents choose not to have their child educated by full-time attendance at school, they are responsible for the whole of their child’s education, not schools 
There is no legal requirement on a school to agree to a Flexi-schooling arrangement. In agreeing to such an arrangement, the school is accepting that the child will sometimes miss school.’

Flexi schooling should not be confused with elective home education.