In our ongoing drive for excellence, we are in the process of installing a new reading system, Accelerated Reader. Reading is a vital skill that helps pupils to achieve in all subjects and in day to day life inside and outside of school. The world arouns us is full of print - therefore we want all of our pupils to leave Manifold not just as readers but as readers who love reading! We want them to enjoy reading fiction and non fiction aswell as signs, magazines and newsapers.

Accelerated Reader is world-renowned for its ability to transform the reading habits and abilities of students. Accelerated Reader is a computer-based software programme that helps to track pupils’ reading – both in terms of their reading ability and what and how much they are actually reading.

In order for children to get the most out of the programme and to foster their love if reading, we have incorporated a 20 minute reading slot as part of every school day. In addition to this, for at least one slot every two weeks, the pupils will be able to take an online quiz about their reading via the Accelerated Reader program. Children will also take a ‘Star Reading Test’ as part of the programme. This provides a reading age and a ‘ZPD’ score: ‘Zone of Proximal Development’. This score determines the ideal level children  should be reading at; these levels are then indicated on books that are available for loan in school, via stickers.

The vast majority of popular books are available on Accelerated Reader; however if parents would like to check if a book is on the system or not, or would like to find the level of a book at home or from the mocal library, information can be found on

We are in the process of restocking the library and reading books with a range of new and engaging titles for all ages and abilities. For this reason, it is vital that books are looked after. We ask parents to support their children by helping them to consistently have a book to read, both at home and at school and by ensuring they are reading as often as possible.

Pupils will be heard to read by the class teacher, teaching assistant or volunteer at least twice a week. This might take the form of guided reading (either small group or whole class) or individually.