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The Praxis Trust

"Putting Children First"

Welcome to The Praxis Trust a truly diverse trust currently encompassing three schools with the plan to grow. As a Trust we value educational success but also personal development to ensure our children are able to meet the needs of a diverse and multicultural society. We value the independent culture and ethos of the individual schools but supported under the umbrella of a strategic partnership to improve quality, share best practice and operate effectively and efficiently.

We believe that:
• All children deserve the best education possible.
• Inspirational leadership is the expected norm.
• Children enjoy their education, and upon leaving are well prepared for their future life.
• Pupil’s experiences are widened through an enriched curriculum.
• All staff feel valued and supported and are developed to reach their full potential.
• Creativity and imaginative thinking is encouraged in all children and staff.
• Church schools retain and develop the Christian distinctiveness and character
• Strong community engagement is encouraged

Our aspirational and measurable outcomes are:
¬ Every lesson to be good or better
¬ Every child is expected to make progress at least in line with, and for many above, national expectations
¬ Every academy to be well led and governed
¬ All teachers are motivated to self improve and aspire to excellence

Please visit our trust website at

Based at Bursley Academy, Bursley Way, Bradwell, ST5 8JQ

Telephone: 01782 567740


The Praxis Trust was founded in September 2015 and incorporated Bursley Academy, Manifold Church of England Academy and Hollinsclough Church of England Academy.

A link to the individual schools websites can be found below;


The latest Statutory accounts of the trust are available to view here:- 

The Praxis Trust - Accounts year ending 31.08.18.pdf

The Praxis Trust Financial Statement 19-20

The Praxis Trust Accounts Year Ending 31st August 2021





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