Manifold Church of England Academy

Ofsted Rated 'Good'

YEAR 2, 3 & 4

Week beginning 7th December 2020

The children have enjoyed making an Advent wreath this week.  They have also made their own stables in the woods!

Week beginning 30th November 2020

Spelling for testing on 10/12/20

Mrs Smith's group: vet, jog, zigzag, buzz, shell, much, she

Mr Taylor's group: white, dolphin, wheel, elephant, whenever, alphabet, whistle, phonics, whisper, some

Mrs Ivins' group: should, would, could, you, soup, group, mould, shoulder, boulder, Mrs, farmer, jerky

Year 4: musician, politician, electrician, magician, mathematician, dietician, statistician, technician, clinician, beautician

Year 2 have been learning to sort and add equal groups in Maths.

Week beginning 23rd November 2020

Spelling for testing on 03/12/20

Mrs Smith's group: looking, sheet, harsh, powder, thing, north, are

Mr Taylor's group: boy, girl, blue, enjoy, bird, glue, oyster, thirteen, venue, called 

Mrs Ivins' group: grow, snow, unicorn, music, field, shield, head, dead, people, their, low, tuba

Year 4: invention, injection, action, question, mention, attractions, translation, devotion, position, solution

In maths, we have been looking at money and division.  

Week beginning 16th November 2020

Spellings for testing on 26/11/20

Mrs Smith's group: air, fair, lair, pair, mature, cure, all

Mr Taylor's group: repeat, denied, who, people, least, seat, fried, retreat, replied, beast 

Mrs Ivin's/Mrs Lowe's group: child, blind, kind, pint, no, so, coconut, old, sold, when, what, do 

Year 4: expression, discussion, confession, permission, admission, transmission, possession, profession, depression, impression

We did an experiment looking at which ball would bounce the highest.  We considered the materials they were made of and whether that made a difference to how high they would bounce.  We then recorded the results.

We compared the Beatles to One Direction in our Learning Challenge lesson.  This involved dancing to some Beatles songs!

Week beginning 9th November 2020

Spellings for testing on 19/11/20

Mrs Smith's group: cure. pure, manure, fair, hair, boxer, her

Mr Taylor's group: play, scout, tried, stray, found, replied, crayon, loudest, delay, clay

Mrs Ivin's / Mrs Lowe's group: acorn, bacon, apron, was, wash, wasp, we, recent, frequent, when, do, one

Year 4: expansion, extension, comprehension, tension, corrosion, supervision, fusion, conclusion, persuasion, suspension

We have been making rockets for a competition.

This week we remembered those who fought in the Wars.  After observing the 2 minute silence, we painted poppy pictures.

Week beginning 2nd November 2020


Spelling for testing on 12/11/20

Mrs Smith's group: coat, boil, soil, hear, fear, near, they

Mr Taylor's group: track, brush, seventh, thundering, champion, burnt, scrunch, melting, drank, spark

Mrs Ivin's/ Mrs Lowe's group: alone, stone, explode, rude, computer, time, shine, invite, extreme, complete

Year 4: division, invasion, confusion, decision, collision, television, revision, erosion, inclusion, explosion

In Maths this week, Year 4 have been learning about using different units of measurement.  We ended by going out and measuring the height of a tall tree using a pencil and metre sticks.

Week beginning 19th October 2020

Spellings for testing on 05/11/20

Mrs Smith's group: goat, oak, moon, soon, cart, hard, you

Mr Taylor's group: felt, gift, melt, punch, chimpanzee, scoop, bring, brand, think, strap

Mrs Ivin's and Mrs Lowe's group: donkey, came, made, make, scene, complete, extreme, do, one, little

Year 4: medal, meddle, missed, mist, scene, seen, board, bored, which, witch

We went on a bug hunt in the woods and observed differences between the different bugs we found.

Week beginning 12th October 2020

Spellings for testing on 22/10/20.

Mrs Smith's group: coat, road, dark, farm, tail, rain, my

Mr Taylor's group: band, fact, toast, Manchester, handstand, sport, crash, grunt, trust, shrink

Mrs Ivin's and Mrs Lowe's group:  tomato, stew, dew, launch, August, some, come, money, honey, came, made

Year 4:  illegal, illogical, illicit, irrelevant, irresponsible, illegible, illiterate, irregular, irrational, irresistable


We went in the woods on Friday to identify different trees.  We did bark rubbings and leaf rubbings!


On Thursday we dressed in red to learn about "Show Racism The Red Card".

Week beginning 5th October 2020

We wore yellow on Friday for Mental Health day.

We collected leaves in the woods and made rainbows from them.

In Art we have been making our own paintings in the style of the artist Ron Lukes.

This week in science we have been classifying different types of animal.  We had fun making salt dough animals in the woods and building habitats for them.

We have been learning about place value and numbers.  We had fun making our own numbers out of natural resources in the woods!